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Trying to find the best surveillance system? You’ve come to the right area. At www.SecurityCameraOnline.net, we possess spent hundreds of hours diagnostic tests and researching just to determine the answer for you. Providing safety measures to your property, whether it is office or home as well as is an important portfolio, as a result, people always put their finest effort to fit the best video surveillance system to solve their surveillance security problems.

While selecting the best surveillance system for home or business, it is important to think about where the system has to be installed, how many cameras you need, and why you require the camera system. It is not a simple job, and you have to be sure about your needs. Take a look at some important questions you need to ask on how to choose right a Best Surveillance System.

  • Do You Require More Than 1 Camera Security System?

If you choose one or more cameras, surveillance solution hinges on the layout and size of your property. If you want to know what is happening outside your property or any rooms in your home, you will require more than 1 camera security system. You have to make sure that the cameras are focused on the key areas you are monitoring.

For Apartments: 1 – 2 camera

  • Catch Thieves/Vandals
  • Protect Families
  • Deter Robbery
  • Monitor apartment building activity
  • Ensure peace of mind to renters
  • Any Suspicious Activity
  • Monitor Activity from anywhere!

For Home: 4 – 8 camera

  • Protect Families
  • Deter Robbery
  • Monitor Activity from any where!

For Small Business: 8 – 16 camera

  1. First, it helps keep all employees and customers honest. When people know they’re being watched with security cameras thefts are far less likely. Criminals want to pick the easiest target possible.
  2. A video security system lets you view the shopping patterns of your customers. This can help you understand where to place merchandise for best results.
  3. Having security cameras at your registers can help solve any disputes. No more fights about the bill denomination used to pay or the change returned. If you have ever worked in retail before, you know how much of a headache these customers can be.
  4. See if any employee is entering incorrect amounts into the register. Prevent employee thefts.

For Business: 16 – 32 camera or more

  1. You have 24-hour video footage of the warehouse or any storage area. This might pay big dividends if you have ever experienced inventory shrinkage.
  2. In the event of a break-in you can provide the authorities with a recorded video of the event. This will improve their chances of solving the crime. This makes it easier to report to insurance too.
  3. A full security system for your business provides recorded video of any on-site accidents. Footage of the accident can help determine if the accident was legitimate. Prevent intentional “accidents” attempting to get a cash settlement for injuries.
  • Are You Using The Cameras Outdoors Or Indoors?

Indoor cameras are usually smaller, lighter and less visible than outdoor cameras. The outdoor cameras are generally more expensive than indoor ones because they are built to endure not only weather elements but attacks from intruders, vandals, and thieves. A lot of today’s high-value security cameras are designed for outdoor and indoor use.

  • Is There A Need For Weatherproof Cameras?

If you need to use your surveillance system outdoors, it is a good idea to buy cameras that can withstand any weather element.

  • Light Conditions

Most office compounds and businesses are well lit at night compared to homes which are usually not well lit. If an area is dimly lit, the more likely thieves are going to target it. You have to purchase an infrared camera to protect areas with poor lighting. Infrared cameras are also known as night vision cameras. They can shoot and record in total darkness, and they are vital tools in many surveillance areas.

  • How Can Far Or Wide Angle The Security Cameras Cover?

It depends on the lens size of the camera. So before purchasing a security camera, you ought to see the lens size and focal length the lens will cover. Larger image sensors let a lot of light into a picture and gives you a wider and better view of the picture. For instance, a sharper lens can see almost the entire room if you place it in a corner while other lenses just give you a viewing angle of a partial side.

  • What Degree Of Recording Resolution Do You Require?

It is a question well known when it comes to surveillance systems. It is estimated that 550 line are usually enough for an indoor surveillance system to monitor a single area. If you want to use it for a longer distance, it is recommended to choose a higher resolution camera to offer you satisfactory image quality.

  • How Easy Is It To Set Up Remote Viewing?

Each system has a unique way of letting the clients watch the videos the system provides. You should read through your instruction manuals for details. You can use apps that some systems provide for easy viewing on your computer or phone. You only require a high-speed internet connection.

Getting Started: Choosing Right a Best Surveillance System

Would not be tempted to waste money on a super high-end security surveillance system that is more than you really need. You can upgrade your system should you want. Additional cameras can be added onto virtually any pre-existing home security package. Spend wisely, as well as decide the features that will maintain your property, and the people who call up it home, safe.

Top 10 best surveillance systems on the market in 2016

During your search for a security camera system, it may be easier if you begin with all of the best ones that provide an individual all of the specifics to help you make your best choice for your needs. Below are the top 10 best video surveillance systems, and what makes me are recommend buying all of them.

Top 5 best video surveillance system for home

1) Amcrest Full-HD 1080P 4CH Video Security System – Four 1920TVL 2.1-Megapixel Weatherproof IP66 Dome and Bullet Cameras, 65ft IR LED Night Vision, 2TB HDD, HD Over Analog/BNC, Smartphone View (White)

  • Amcrest Tribrids offer the advantage of supporting HD Over Analog side by side with IP cameras. These systems bring crisp 1920x1080p resolution to the closed-circuit platform while allowing you to take advantage of existing CCTV/coaxial infrastructure.
  • Includes 4 heavy-duty metal bullet cameras capable of 1280 x 720p video. All our HDCVI cameras feature a 3.6mm lens and 75 Degree viewing angle. View and record with remote viewing on standard web browsers PC/MAC, iPhone, iPad and Android devices.
  • Plug & Play setup: Scan QR Code on DVR from “Amcrest View” App to access live viewing and playback. Instead of having multiple devices accessible through the network, the DVR Functions as the single access point for all cameras connected over analog.
  • USB backup feature for peace of mind, IP66 heavy-duty metal indoor/outdoor weatherproof cameras, and powerful IR-LED night vision. All systems CE & FCC certified with UL compliant power supplies.
  • Pre-installed 2 TB hard-drive records continuously for 360 hours on 8 channels in 1080p @ 30fps, or much longer (30-50 days) using motion detection or scheduled recording. Uncompressed latency-free analog transmission ensures you see things as they happen.

Customer Review

I am an electrician who usually mounts security system and of late came across this brand. I decided to install a 1080p system on my latest installation. A lot of my customers favour having a closed circuit system with no access to internet communication. I will have a different viewpoint of the HD security camera review than most reviewers.


Picture quality for the 1080p system is remarkable. I usually try to convince people into having the best picture quality for the money. Since a lot of the cheaper systems are useless, and in my experience, some customers are usually not very ecstatic with the image quality after they go through the effort and time. Both my customer and I were impressed with Armcrest. It was shocking seeing its night vision quality, and it looked like it was daytime at midnight but only when it is given enough ambient light. Otherwise its black and white in full infrared mode.
Installation is mostly about strategic camera location, modifications, and running cables, but it is mainly all plug and play after that. I usually tell people to use the quick start guide and enabling the navigation bar.
The packaging of the Armcrest is top notch, and there is a high chance the items will get to you in better working condition excluding packaging damage while in transit. Everything feels and looks like it is firmly built with some mass to it.

The Armcrest does not have a wi-fi function. Yes, this is an advantage since wi-fi normally has poor picture quality and has to be one of the greatest insecure communications technologies available. Nonetheless, you can always search for a different security system that is wireless if you want somebody to hack your system and see what you see.


The manual is poorly translated from Chinese to English and written with little coherence. Programmers usually find it easy to set advanced parameters compared to customers who find it time-consuming and frustrating. If you are using the quick start guide and calling customer service to take you step by step on any concern, then the manual problem can largely be avoided.

There are several glitches and bugs in the software when using advanced functions such as alarms and motion detection. I usually try to avoid using these features or use them as little as possible and have it on a closed circuit by not linking anything to the internet. Such a problem can be avoided by calling customer service.

Overall, I am captivated with this system regarding price and will carry on recommending it to customers until a better version comes along. Most consumer oriented or Do It Yourself style kits like this system have problems, particularly with the software. There should be some significant innovations in this type of technology in the next couple of years that can hopefully work out most of the glitches. Instead of spending a lot of money on a professional system, Armcrest will still continue to impress.

2) LaView 6 1080P IP Camera Security System 8 CH 1080P IP PoE NVR w/2TB HDD & 4 IP Bullet, 2 IP Dome 2MP Camera

Did you know every 13 seconds a home intrusion is committed? And only 13% of all reported burglaries are cleared due to lack of witnesses or physical evidence? Protect your home and business with the LaView 6 Camera Premium IP Surveillance System. Protected by a 2-year parts warranty and supported for life with any technical issues by the LaView Technical Support Department, this premium LaView IP System will give you the peace of mind you’re seeking. This user-friendly DIY system offers you the performance benefits of a professionally installed setup without the heavy price tag. And if you ever run into problems, LaView’s friendly technical support team is more than happy to help you solve them over phone or via email.

LaView 6 1080P


3) [AUTO-PAIR] xmartO WOS1388 8 Channel 960p HD Wireless Security Camera System with 8x 960p HD Outdoor Wireless IP Cameras (Built-in Router, Reliable Long Range WiFi, 1.3MP Camera, IP66, 80ft IR)

* 8CH 960p(1280*960) HD NVR with built-in router
* Wireless distance: up to 1000ft in open area, up to 200ft with obstacle(one wall)
* Cameras and NVR AUTO-PAIR
* VGA & HDMI outputs: up to 1080p
* 25fps per channel real time, 8 channels sync-playback
* Manual, time schedule &motion recording
* Support 1 SATA 3.5″ HDD, maximum 4TB
* Motion email alerts
* Power supply: DC 12V 2A
* Operating temperature: 14°F~131°F
* Size: 10.12″×8.27″×1.77″,Weight: ≤2.2lbs ex. HDD
* Easy remote access from anywhere anytime
* Airplay videos on HDD with your mobile in Lan
* 4x digital zoom

* 1/3″ Color Sensor, 960p(1280×960) high definition@25fps real time, equals a 720p IP camera + a 700TVL camera
* 4 cameras w/ 4mm lens & 4 w/ 6mm
* 3 LED arrays, IR distance up to 80ft
* Solid made IP66 cameras
* WiFi: 802.11b/g/n
* Anti-thunder Level: Standard IEC61000-4-5
* Working temperature: -4°F-140°F
* Power supply: DC 12V 1A
* Size: 8.07″×2.76×2.17″
* Weight: 1.1lbs

Package Includes
* 1x 8CH 960p HD NVR
* 8x Wireless 960p HD Cameras
* 1x 12V 2A Power Adapter for NVR
* 8x 12V 1A Power Adapters for Cams
* 1x 3ft Network Cable
* 1x Mouse
* 1x User Guide

4) Home8 Twist HD Camera (4-Pack) – 720p HD Security Camera with 300 Degree Pan, Motion Detection, Night Vision and 2-Way Audio

I paid Protection One a lot of money for close to twenty years so that I could monitor an antiquated system they did not upgrade at all. I decided to remove the traditional system a few months ago and swap it for a modern system. I bought a Do It Yourself system which was way cheaper and cost much less when monitoring.

Home8 contacted me recently and offered an assessment system for review. I was curious to know the difference between the two systems. The most apparent difference is the price and size. The Home8 system is small, mobile notifications are free, and it is relatively inexpensive.

The starter kit I got contained the base station, a 720p camera, a motion sensor camera, and two door sensors. The camera is extraordinary since it is tiny and yet delivers beautiful pictures, even in the dark. Home8 paid specific attention to its streaming protocol. It is the first camera I have seen that can stream faultlessly over cellular to my mobile phone.


-It is easy to set up. You only take a lot of time trying to figure out where to put the camera and sensors than doing the actual set up.
-It is expandable, and it is easy to add new cameras and sensors available on its website.
-It has a robust smartphone software.
-There are a lot of functionality available for free.
-It has very high-quality video streaming.


-There are no links to automation protocols like IFTTT
-It has no built-in backup power.
-Home8 does not offer an external siren
-Ethernet is needed.

The security system is a cheap way to keep an eye on your house while you are working or on vacation. The HD security camera review for Home8 is perfect for a small house even a small apartment.

5) [Professional POE] Annke 1080P 4CH POE NVR Security Camera System with 4x 2.0MP(1920*1080) CCTV Network / IP Camera, No Hard Drive Included

Re-definition high-quality security system: ANNKE 1080P Security System, Compatible with Hikvision Onvif IP Camera
This new generation Annke POE products blend a various number of cutting-edge technologies, for instance, audio and video processing tech, embedded system, storage technology, network and intelligent technology; and all this makes it a powerful surveillance system which can be widely used in home security, finance security, transportation security.

2.0 Megapixels PoE bullet camera for detailed videos
These PoE HD cameras present 2.0MP image on a CCTV system beautifully while the lens brings everything back to life with cutting-edge technology and top-of-the-line megapixel quality.

Save your Time with Smart Search/Playback
Smart search allows you to customize the specific searching area and playback is faster when no events are occurring, saving time by speeding through unimportant video.

Intelligent VCA to keep everything under Control
Smart crossing line detection and region invasion detection are available. You are free to set the detection area or draw the detection line in front of your door.

Incredible Warranty & Support: 3 Years Warranty and Life Time Tech Support via Email & Telephone: Annke dot com /kb

Power Supply: 48V DC
Consumption: ≤10W (without HDD and PoE)
Recording Resolution: 6MP/5MP/3MP/1080P/720P/VGA(Selectable)
Video Outputs: HDMI, VGA
Storage: 1 SATA HDD up to 4TB
Video Input: Up to 4ch IP video input
Audio input: 1ch, RCA
HDMI output: 1 HDMI, Resolution: 1920×1080P@60 Hz, 1920×1080P@50 Hz, 1600×1200@60Hz, 1280×1024@60 Hz, 1280×720@6 Hz
Playback Resolution: 6MP/5MP/3MP/1080P/UXGA/720P/VGA

Box Included
* 1×4CH 6.0MP POE NVR No HDD
* 4×1080P Wired POE IP cameras
*2x 30m network cable
*2x 18m network cable
*1x Power adapter
*USB mouse/User Manual

Top 5 best video surveillance system for business

1) GWSecurity 5MP (2592x1920p) 24 Channel 1920P NVR Network PoE IP Security Camera System – HD 1920p 2.8~12mm Varifocal Zoom (16) Bullet and (8) Dome IP Camera – 5 Megapixel (3,000,000 more pixels than 1080P)

Power Over Ethernet
A single network cable directly connects each IP camera to the NVR supplying both power and a video signal. This time no extra power cable needed just plug one cable for one camera and its on the go. NVR built in 16 PoE ports and 16 Ports 10/100 Mbps PoE Switch Included, which Provides Power and Data Using a Single Ethernet Cable

Super HD 1920P
Capture high-definition 1920P HD video three times higher than 1080P cameras.

Get the big picture
Each IP camera delivers 5.0 megapixel at 2592 x 1920 pixels with sharper and larger image and video than 1080p security cameras

Built-in P2P Cloud service, Quick QR-Code Scan, ONVIF supported

2.8mm-12mm Varifocal lens
2.8~12mm Manual Zoom Varifocal Lens offers a lot more range than cameras with a fixed lens and allow you to adjust the angle of View from 98 degrees to 22 degrees, a smaller lens value will show a shorter viewing distance and a wide angle field of view. A larger lens value will allow for a longer viewing distance but a narrower field of view.

Network Remote access
Supports Remote View via smartphone & 3G Mobile with each of those systems below: Windows XP, Vista, 7 , 8, 10, Mac, iPad , iPhone, Android

IPC input:Up to 32ch IP camera
HDMI & VGA output:1 channel each
Camera record resolution:1080P/1536P @30fps (Up to 1920P@15fqs adjustable)
NVR record resolution: Full 5MP 1920p/1536p/1080p @30fps
Record rate:960fps Real-time
Record Mode:Manual / Time Scheduled / Alarm Triggered / Motion Detect
Alarm: 16ch inputs/ 1ch output
Interface type:2CH SATA
Capacity: Up to 16TB
Camera: Vandal-proof, Waterproof

Package Includes
1 x GW5532NP: 32 Channel NVR with pre-installed 8TB Hard Drive
16 x GW5061IP: Bullet camera
16 x GW5071IP: Dome camera
1 x GWSW1602G: 16 Ports PoE Switch
1 Year Warranty and Free Tech Support

2) Lorex 1080p HD security system with 20 IP cameras and motorized varifocal lenses


$4,399.99: used code 

 save 10% when buy from Lorex
NR8326 Network Video Recorder Features:
  • Full high definition 1080p recording
  • Real-time recording at 30fps per channel
  • 16 built-in PoE (Power over Ethernet) ports providing video and power on a single Ethernet cable
  • Automatically detects compatible IP cameras in the network
  • 24/7 security-grade pre-installed hard drive
  • H.264 video compression
  • Expandable high capacity storage
  • Mirror hard drive recording – secure your recordings by backing up footage to an internal hard drive at the same time as recording to the primary hard drive
  • Pentaplex operation – view, record, playback, backup & remotely control the system simultaneously
  • Simultaneous playback and live view on the same screen
  • Selectable area digital zoom in live view and playback
  • Dynamic click-and-drag camera channel assignment
  • Flip and mirror camera view settings
  • Convenient front panel button controls
  • Accurate time stamps with NTP & daylight savings time
  • Instant USB backup of live video from selected camera
  • Dual video outputs (HDMI & VGA) to connect multiple monitors
  • HDMI output (HDMI cable included) for simple connection to HD TVs
  • Keep up to date with automatic firmware upgrades
  • 3-step remote view with FLIR Cloud
  • PC and Mac compatible
  • Free iOS and Android compatible apps with live viewing, playback, video recording, and snap shot
  • Dedicated iPad app with multi-channel live viewing and playback
  • Push notifications of motion events
  • Instant email alerts with snap shot attachment
  • Dual streaming to conserve bandwidth
  • Continuous, scheduled and motion recording
LNE3322B Weatherproof 1080p HD Night Vision IP Dome Security Camera Features:
  • High definition 1080p image sensor delivers superior detail
  • Infrared cut filter ensures accurate color representation
  • Night vision range up to 130ft (40m) in ambient lighting & 80ft (24m) in total darkness
  • Color Night VisionTM delivers full color nighttime video for improved recognition of objects in low light conditions
  • True Wide Dynamic Range improves image clarity in high-contrast lighting, revealing details in extremely bright and dark areas of the image
  • Anti-glare feature ensures clear images under strong lighting conditions
  • 3D DNR Digital Noise Reduction for clear accurate images
  • Split glass design minimizes IR reflection
  • Heavy-duty durable metal housing
  • Versatile ceiling or wall mounting options
  • Simple installation of video and power on a single CAT5e cable with Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Weatherproof for outdoor & indoor installation (IP66 Rated)
  • UL compliant cable suitable for surface and in-wall installation
  • Expand your coverage with camera Ethernet cable up to 300ft (91m) from the NVR
LNB3373B Weatherproof 1080p HD Night Vision IP Security Camera Features:
  • High definition 1080p image sensor delivers superior detail
  • 3x optical zoom lens for viewing adjustment from the recorder or your mobile device
  • Night vision range up to 140ft (43m) in ambient lighting & 90ft (27m) in total darkness
  • 3D DNR Digital Noise Reduction for clear accurate images
  • Weatherproof for outdoor & indoor installation (IP66 Rated)
  • IK10 Vandal Resistant Rating
  • Remotely adjustable 33° to 93° field of view
  • Simple installation of video and power on a single cable with Power over Ethernet (POE)
  • Expand your coverage with camera Ethernet cable up to 300′ from the NVR
System Includes:
  • 1 x NVR (Network Video Recorder)
  • 1 x AC power cable
  • 1 x Remote control
  • 1 x USB mouse
  • 1 x Ethernet cable
  • 1 x HDMI cable
  • Quick start guides
Each Dome Camera Includes:
  • 1 x IP Dome Camera
  • 1 x Mounting Kit
  • 1 x 60ft (18m) Cat5e UL Compliant (CM) Ethernet Extension Cable
Each Bullet Camera Includes:
  • 1 x IP Bullet Camera
  • Mounting Screws x 3 / Drywall Anchors x 3
  • 1 x Mounting Template
  • 1 x Allen Key*
  • 1 x Cat5e Ethernet Extension Cable

3) Q-See QT8716-16AA-4 32 Channel 3 MP/1080p NVR System with 12 High-Definition IP 3 MP/1080p Cameras and 4 HD Varifocal Cameras and 4 TB Hard Drive (White/Black)

The cameras are HD resolution or higher
The DVR is a computer with a PoE switch joined. Its performance is okay since it has to deal with 12 IP camera feeds at the same time.
The cameras are all PoE, and it means you can save your money and saneness from not dealing with looking for an electrical outlet for every camera. The cameras are powered over the Ethernet cables.
You get a broad range of cameras covering almost every situation for a small store. The cameras include bullet cams, dome, outdoor, indoor, and night time infrared
It is affordable
It has mobile clients like Blackberry, iOS, Windows phone, and even Android.

4) LaView 12 1080P IP Camera Security System 16 CH 1080P IP PoE NVR w/3TB HDD & 6 IP Bullet, 6 IP Dome 2MP Camera

– Looks and FEELS like a quality product. Everything from the excellent packaging of the system to the weight of the cameras.
– 8 1080p cameras WITH 100 ft wiring.
– Quality seems excellent along with good night vision.
– Live view from the DVR allows you to look at the multiple cameras at once
– East to setup

– All 8 cameras are the same widish angle view. I would have liked to have seen maybe 6 of these cameras and the 2 dome cameras or something with a narrower view point for walkways. This way you can get more detail of someone face rather than wasting pixels covering the sides or walls of the walkway
– Would have liked to have seen 6 100ft ethernets and a 200ft and a 50ft instead of 8 100ft lengths
– Better documentation could have been provided, but at least they have good youtube videos.
– The price on this thing does fluctuate, so keep on eye out on that.

Overall first impressions:

When you think of 8 1080p cameras, think of it has $1600 worth of cameras if you were just to buy the cameras a la carte. I couldnt justify buying one of those DropCamas that cost $200 and then you need to pay a monthly fee when you get something similar to this that comes with a 3TB hardrive, cameras galore AND internet viewing.

I have only setup 3 cameras so far and everything seems to work fine. I setup the motion detection along with the Privacy Boxes to tell the cameras to ignore certain areas of the picture (like trees moving that causes the camera to record).

5) EZVIZ Security Camera System 8 Weatherproof 1080p IP PoE Bullet Cameras, 16 Channel NVR with 3TB HDD, 100ft Night Vision

EZVIZ’s home security camera system comes with 8 weatherproof 1080p IP PoE bullet cameras and a 16 channel NVR with a 3TB security grade hard drive for 24/7 surveillance. Our bullet cameras 85˚ angle of view allows greater visibility and coverage. The IP66 rated weatherproof cameras work for both indoor and outdoor environments and withstand extreme temperatures of -22°F to 140°F. Each camera has HD 1080p resolution and a night vision up to 100 feet, or 65 feet in total darkness. Cameras have three-axis mounts preassembled to prevent vandalism and tampering. Safeguard the precious moments you capture using multi-layer security and end-to-end video encryption. The EZVIZ app allows you to set up, configure and view videos with ease. Save live videos or play back on your mobile device with just one click. Sophisticated motion detection sends a push notification if the cameras sense movement. Security right from your phone ensures the safety of your property or loved ones.

Packaging Contents:

8 x 1080p IP PoE Bullet Cameras
1 x 16 Channel NVR
1 x 3TB WD Purple Hard Drive (Installed)
1 x USB Mouse
1 x Ethernet Cable
1 x HDMI Cable
1 x Power Supply for NVR
8 x 100ft Network Cables
8 x Mounting Screws and Plugs
8 x Mounting Templates
1 x Quick Start Guide
1 x Camera Installation Guide
1 x Warranty Card
3 x Theft Deterrent Stickers

NVR Specifications:

Dimensions & Weight: 1.9”x15”x12.6” (HxWxD), 7.0 lbs
Recording Resolution: 1080p/30fps, 720p/30fps, 4CIF/30fps
16 Channel IP PoE Input
12 Volt DC Power Adapter
3TB Hard Drive Storage
1 Gigabit Ethernet Port
1 USB 2.0 Port
1 USB 3.0 Port
1 HDMI Output
1 VGA Output

Camera Specifications:

Bullet Dimension & Weight: Ø2.75”x6.2” (WxD), 1.1 lbs
IR Rating (Night Vision): 100 Feet (65 Feet Total Darkness)
Minimum Illumination: 0.028 Lux at f2.0
2 Megapixel 1/2.8”CMOS Sensor
Temperature: -22°F to 140°F
85˚ Diagonal Viewing Angle
True Day/Night with ICR
1080p HD Resolution
IP66 Weatherproof
4.0mm Fixed Lens
PoE 802.3af

Is It Important To Consider The Brand Or Company Before Buying A Security System?

Before purchasing a security system, you should do a little background information on the company and the brand they are selling. Below are some of the things you should check.

Find out if the only deal in security products or if it is a side business for them.
You should know how long the company has been in business.
If the company’s technical support is in-house or by a foreign call center

While looking for a security system to purchase, you should keep the questions above in mind and get answered since it is your family’s safety. Never buy cheap products because they may not work as they are expected to. You have to be careful while purchasing your security system and ensure you buy the best one.
Keeping safety in mind, you should always choose the best home security camera system that will give the best results and not considering the price. It is a fact that if you spend more, the better the quality of your home security system.

Buying Guide is dedicated to helping you find all the information you need for home, office or for business surveillance systems, including many of today’s top brands, such as Amcrest, LorexEzvizLaViewAnnkeGWSecurityQ-See camera systems to name just a few.

What are the best surveillance systems?


Different Types Of Security Cameras

It does not matter why you want a video surveillance at your house, be it to keep an eye on your kids or just to make sure your family can rest easy at night. The best type of a home security system begins with cameras. It is practically the same within a business or company environment. The main reason as with a residential system for a security system is to deter thieves. But there are other reasons like to make your customers feel safe or to check what your employees are up to during business hours. Below is a list of different types of security cameras and will give you an idea on how to choose right a best Security Camera System.

Bullet Surveillance Cameras

It is the cheapest camera you can purchase. It is usually cylindrical or rectangular and can be put on a wall by using a mounting arm. They are easily seen. Bullet cameras do not have remote movement, and you manually adjust them to give you the coverage you are looking for.

Dome Surveillance Cameras

They are dome shaped, and the camera has a dome cover. The advantage of dome cameras is that they are difficult to destroy and are a better deterrent to would-be thieves. Such cameras can be in use either outdoor or indoor, and some have motion detection or use infra-red technology to offer better security overnight.

Pan Tilt Zoom Surveillance Camera

It is usually abbreviated as PTZ. These cameras are often used for commercial purpose if you want to secure a warehouse area or large store. It can zoom and tilt to get a good look and is fitted with a high-resolution lens, so picture and video quality are not affected when it zooms in.

Spy Camera

Due to their compact size, you cannot get better image quality, but the main thing of such a camera is you cannot see it when it is installed.

HD security cameras

They are the best kind of cameras to use if you want to provide evidence of any suspicious activity you have on camera. While they are readily available for both commercial and residential use, they cost a lot more than other cameras.


They are the best choice for most business premises. It ought to be connected to a computer because it does not store information it captures locally. The good thing about this option is that it is easy to monitor one or more cameras at the same time, and can be done in real time.

Simulated Dummy Camera

They are somewhat different to standard dummy cameras, and they look and act like the real thing. Such cameras are an inexpensive way of discouraging vandals, burglars and other types of undesirables around or in your property
A great security system is always made to meet your expectations and usually, work as a real-time deterrent. Before deciding on a surveillance system, you should read and try to get the features of different security camera systems and also read the customer reviews. The above information will guide you on how to choose right a best Security Camera System.