Best Solar Security Lights with Motion Sensor

-The way to keep public places such as municipal buildings, clinics, parks, etc., street corners and parking lot it is by using solar security lights, and this is due to simple reasons: zero energy consumption, reliable performance, and low maintenance.

-Finding the best solar security lights isn’t a simple assignment. There are many different models which start from cheap solar lights to expensive solar security lights that last the whole night, and each of them ranges from another.

-Several features make up a good solar security light – waterproofness and durability, intensity and brightness, illumination, quality and efficiency of solar panel, battery capacity and type, sensors and the price of the solar security light. Apart from that, consider if the light can be installed both vertically and horizontally, does it come with ground stakes and adjustable mounts and the length of the cable that connects the solar light and the solar panel.

-There is a wide variety of options available, but not all of these options will satisfy your needs when it comes to brightness and consistency. Follow this guide to get the best solar security lights.

Separated panel versus integrated panel

-Solar security lights are available in two types, the first one has a solar panel built-in and is in the same housing as batteries and led. The second one has the solar panel separated. The separated solar panel may take longer to install than the built-in one but offer more flexibility when it comes to locating your panel. The location a solar panel is critical if it has to provide consistency even during winter.
When you select the right unit of an integrated panel when it comes to panel power and brightness, these security lights will be efficient.

Brightness required

-The level of brightness required depends on the function and location of the light. For instance, when you have a detached house, then you will need a mains equivalent light such as twin head signaler. If that is not the case and you just want to protect a shed and light up a pathway during the night, then signaler fusion is good.
The brightness of the light is measured in a lumen. There is no recommendation on the watts for each lumen, but the general rule of thumb is that 50 LEDs that generate 320 lumens are equivalent to 45-watt mains bulb.

Passive infrared sensor (PIR)

-Pir sensors are motion sensors that activate when they detect motion. There are two types of passive infra-red detectors. There is an integrated PIR and are the type that cannot be adjusted. Their range is 1-5 meters. Their detection angle is 120˚. These detectors don’t suffer water ingress issues and therefore, are reliable.
The other type is flexible PIR and is mounted on a swivel. They are pointed at specific locations. They can be adjusted regarding sensitivity, time and lux.


-Reliability of a solar security light is all about balance. For instance, a powerful light with 80 led’s and 1200 lumens should have a powerful panel which is at least 3 watts and 6000mAh battery capacity. If that is not the case, then it won’t work as you wanted. The point of having a security light is that it should work consistently every time of the year.

Types of led

-Led lights to use up about 90% less energy than equivalent halogen or incandescent bulb. The two types of led bulbs are superb bright led and SMD. The SMDs are small and are “surface mountable” and therefore, are perfect for electrical boards. They are placed close together and have an incredible lumen output with wide beam angle. The best solar security lights have SMD LEDs.

Battery capacity

-The battery capacity act as a reservoir. Whenever the light is activated, it will consume power, and when the capacity is large, it will activate the light many times until morning when it can start to charge again. The battery capacity is good and ensures that there is enough voltage during cloudy days.

Pros of using solar security lights

• Low energy cost – suns energy is free, and you can utilize this to cut on energy cost.
• Saves money – no wiring required during installation making it easy, quick and cheap
• Low maintenance due to few fixtures and wiring
• Versatility – lights can be installed in anywhere you want
• Reliable – since solar energy is a renewable resource, it is more reliable than oil, electricity, and coal
• Motion sensors – best solar security light has motion sensors which turn on when their motion in the path of a sensor
• Safe – there is no risk of lights getting hot or being electrocuted which makes the lights safer than electrical light

Cons of using solar security lights

• Low brightness as compared to electrical lights which might be unsatisfactory for some people
• Affected by the condition of the atmosphere such that if the air is polluted, it affects the efficiency as the brightness is reduced
• Affected by heavy cloud cover and bad weather – too much rain or humidity limit the sun’s radiation reaching the solar panel those storing little energy.




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