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The giant in the retailing industry Amazon has just entered the surveillance industry with the launching of this cloud cam security camera. With all its attributes taken into account, ranging from design to price, it is well worth a try.

If you are looking for a security camera to your apartment, you can take a look at my Amazon Cloud Cam Apartment Camera reviews to decide whether it satisfies your needs or not.

Prominent Features of Amazon Cloud Cam Apartment Survellance Camera

1080p Full HD

Amazon Cloud Cam security camera boasts every necessary feature for maintaining the security of your apartment. When it comes to output resolution, Amazon integrates the technology of full HD 1080p to deliver more detailed, crisper, and sharper-looking pictures than lower resolutions.

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At the same time, this high pixel density helps to reduce the visible pixel structure to a great extent. Staying connected around the clock, Amazon’s surveillance camera tends to capture every activity right after it happens.

Night Vision

Although the quality of daytime videos may be inferior to that of other products of Apartment Security System, Amazon has made quite a name with the brilliant video quality at night. The Amazon Cloud Cam apartment security system consists of eight infrared LEDs, combining to produce the best quality of images and videos in the darkness.

In addition, the computer vision algorithms allow for the automatic activation of night vision mode once the sensor system detects the shortage of light. Instead of a spotlight, the Amazon Cloud Cam can catch a broad field of view at night. Just by a click in the Cloud Cam App can you switch on or off night vision LEDs.  

Smart Motion and Person Detection

The sensitivity level of the sensor is open to adjustment. Three levels are available to choose from, including High (detecting person-sized objects within the vicinity of 20 feet), Medium (up to 10 feet away) and Low (about 5 feet away). Just go to the app and click on your favorable option.

According to some customers, this Cloud Cam can smartly ignore events like automated lamps turning off and on, except for the movement of robotic vacuum cleaners. In addition, the camera can be set to automatically turn on and off at your desired time with the help of geofencing.

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When it comes to person detection, the Amazon Cloud Cam security surveillance camera uses facial recognition to tell an intruder and a family member of yours apart. In other words, you won’t get alert notifications each time one member comes back home unless you set the system to do so.

Intelligent Alerts

Amazon’s products boast the incredible AI computing, and this Cloud Cam is no exception. Thanks to the computer vision technology, you can customize notifications to your liking so that you can only receive alerts that matter, thereby minimizing the chances of getting false alarms or being showered with multiple redundant alerts. You can decide when to receive an alert about a specific event at 10, 30, an hour or every hour intervals, on a daily basis or even never. In case you go for the never option, the Cloud Cam still keeps on recording and monitoring events but a single push notification won’t be sent to your devices. Many Amazon Cloud Cam security camera reviews highly appreciate this feature in the sense that it saves customers from the bother of being spammed with emails.

Another great feature that is integrated into the Amazon Cloud Cam app is Zones, which is helpful in reducing unnecessary alert notifications. Through Zones, you can identify and highlight the areas in the viewing angle of the camera that there’s no need to supervise for abnormal movement. For example, they can be a window overlooking a crowded street, a ceiling fan or a fish tank.   

Easy Installation

The product arriving at your doorstep is nearly fully assembled, so the installation is a piece of cake. All you need to do is put it on a flat surface within the vicinity of a wall outlet. In case you want to attach the camera to the wall, there is also a mounting kit enclosed in the package. It is possible to rotate the Cloud Cam’s Live View by 180 degrees to facilitate ceiling mounting.

On average it takes only less than five minutes to configure the Cloud cam. The Amazon Cloud Cam app is compatible with both Android and iPhone operating system, so it is easy to download it. Sign up for a new account or log in with Amazon credentials and plug in your camera. It’s time to enjoy having your house strictly controlled.

Single User Access

Currently, the Amazon Security Cloud Cam for apartment only allows one user to get access to. If another one in your family wants to monitor the system, he or she has to download the app and log in using your passport.

On one hand, this attribute greatly enhances the security of data. On the other hand, the camera asks for your Amazon password, which is not something suitable for sharing. However, to solve this dilemma, you can create a new Amazon account during the set-up process. In this case, multi-user access is still possible while you don’t have to worry about password sharing.

Compatibility with Alexa

The Amazon Cloud Security Camera is designed to support advanced features enabled by Alexa. You can use the Amazon Cloud Cam app to activate available Alexa devices, including Echo, Echo Plus, Echo Dot, Echo Show, Echo Spot, Fire TV, and Fire Tablets Gen 7+.

You can tell Alexa to display a quick overview of what’s happening in another location in your house on your Fire Tablet or Fire TV. For example, when your kids seem too quiet in their playroom for a while, you can check to see what they are doing without going to their room in person and if necessary, send some warnings via the two-way talk application.

In addition, you can also ask Alexa to show up the most recent video clip or retrieve 24 hours of notification activity. Try saying “Alexa, play my notifications” or “Alexa, turn on Front Door” and you will see wonders.

What We Like

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  • Two-way audio: The integrated speaker and microphone allow you to keep in touch with your household. Via the Cloud Cam App, many things are possible, such as saying hello, ordering the dog to stop barking, and connecting with your kids after school.
  • High responsiveness: The camera is well-known for its high speed in streaming, sensing abnormalities and sending push notifications with short lag times.
  • Stay connected all day and night long: The Amazon Cloud Cam apartment camera full hd is ready to capture any activity once it happens in Full HD 1080p and the motion alert video clips within the last 24 hours can be watched, download, and shared totally free of charge. There are two ways you can approach your home at will, either by reaching or logging onto the Cloud Cam mobile app.
  • Adjustable sensitivity: Alerts are possible to be dialed back if you want.
  • Cloud storage: All the clips are encrypted before being securely stored in the cloud. For those interested in high-tech, this is a plus point. Cloud storage allows for convenient access at any time provided that you have an Internet connection.
  • Home/Away function: Your phone’s presence decides the activating status of the camera. It will disarm when you’re at home and automatically arm once you leave. This feature is also available on the app, convenient for users to turn on or off.  
  • One free trial month: Upon purchasing an Amazon Cloud Cam, you are entitled to try a 30-day subscription to the bottom or top tier, then decide whether it is a right choice for your house or not.  

What We Don’t Like

  • Only fit for indoor use: Since the material isn’t weather-proof, you can’t install the Amazon Cloud Cam outside to get a view of the surrounding area.  
  • Lack of local storage: All the data is now stored on the cloud only within a certain period of time. There is no hard drive available, which is such a pity for those wanting to keep footage permanent for possible future use.
  • Expensive service subscription: You need to upgrade to a Cloud Cam subscription to approach advanced monitoring features, including person detection, zones, support for a maximum of 10 cameras, and a month of cloud storage.


Generally speaking, despite some shortcomings, the Amazon Cloud Cam Apartment Security Camera is well worth your investment. It may not be a perfect choice, but an ideal one for those seeking a security system suitable for their properties in terms of high-quality footage, a wide field of view, Alexa compatibility, and other premium features.

We hope our Amazon cloud cam apartment camera reviews can help you get a thorough look at this newly-launched product. Have a good time while shopping!

  • Product Features - 9/10
  • Quality Product - 8.5/10
  • Warranty & Support - 8.2/10
  • Easy Setup & Used - 8.6/10
  • Upgrade & Update - 8.5/10
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