Amcrest ProHD Review: Wireless IP Security Bullet Camera 1080p

-So you are looking for a security bullet camera. The best one on the market today is Amcrest ProHd Outdoor 1080P Wi-Fi Wireless IP Security Bullet CameraIP66 Weather-proof, 1080P (1920TVL), IP2M-842 (White). With more pros than cons, it is easy to see why many people are purchasing this security bullet camera. Those who live in close quarters in metropolitan cities, or just want to know what is going on in their neighborhood, have ordered this security bullet camera and have such positive reviews about them. Here is what people are using the Amcrest ProHd Outdoor 1080P Wi-Fi Wireless IP Security Bullet Camera have to say about it and why they think you should also purchase one.


  • Can be used as a security device or as a web camera for keeping in touch with those who live further away. Since most cameras are installed already on tablets and laptops, they would mostly be used for those who have a PC or Desktop computer.
  • You can play back anything you recorded whether it is for security reasons or just to record family outings and fun events. Perhaps you have a YouTube channel and you want to record yourself or your children, pets or anything else. All you have to do is record your video and use the Amcrest View application and you can watch it over and over again on your computer or YouTube. This Amcrest ProHd Outdoor camera can make you and your family internet celebrities if you desire.
  • It has 4 hours of recording time. You can then download it onto your Apple Mac or Windows PC device. It is also able to sync on iPhones, iPads or iPods along with Android devices. Whatever device you use, this camera will be compatible with it.
  • This camera offers night vision. This is great if you are using your Amcrest ProHd Outdoor camera for security purposes. It can record whatever is going on outside of your window at night time so you can catch that pesky raccoon that has been living in your trash can out in your back yard.
  • The Amcrest ProHd outdoor camera has intelligent digital zoom. The camera will assist you in locating any mischievous creatures that may be lurking around in your garden or in your trash cans. You will then know what time this usually happens (especially if they are creatures of habit) and you can then prevent the animal from breaking in. You will also see that the intelligent digital zoom will help you catch neighborhood thieves or nuisances that may be wreaking havoc around your street. It will be great evidence to show to the police to help them patrol better during the night.
  • If going away on vacation, you can then see if you left your garage door open, see if your pet sitter is taking care of the dog/cat and, best of all, you can watch your children if they are home alone. It will assist with a piece of mind if you are not able to control the situation. Many will also use the camera as a nanny cam if they have an au pair with their child as their full-time caregiver. You can always have your eye on whatever you need to with the Amcrest ProHd security camera.
  • There are zero fees for the security camera. You do not have a monthly charge or need to pay for any additional extras that are a necessity. The security camera even comes with a one year warranty which provides you with even more piece of mind.
  • This is what you get for your money: one of the Amcrest ProHd Outdoor Bullet cameras. They provide you with a network cable. They give you a 10ft power supply. There is a guide provided so you can learn to operate the camera. –You have a one year warranty as stated previously. It also allows you to view for free while on your PC or Mac. You are able to download the app for Amcrest View on your Android, Kindle or IOS (basically anyone who has apps).
  • The setup is easy. All you need to do is scan the security camera with your mobile device and you are good to go. You can use Cloud storage through the Amcrest Cloud.
  • The cameras are weatherproof so you can safely use them while it is raining, sleeting or snowing. None of the dangerous weather elements will harm the camera. If it does and you have had it for less than a year, you can return or exchange it since it is under warranty.
Amcrest ProHd Outdoor Weatherproof camera review1


  • The power cord is only about 6 feet long. If you need to place it higher, you may need an extension cord to reach the socket.
  • You have to have a wireless network to use. If you only have data from your phones this product will not work.
    The Wi-Fi range can be quite limited. Due to the 1080P, it can be difficult to provide enough bandwidth to cover it.
  • It is difficult to store images since the NVR is not provided. Unless you have advance knowledge about some of this spy software, it can be rather complicated to save images and videos.
  • The Cloud storage is quite expensive. This is how they get around not charging you each month. Some people recommend using Google Drive instead since it is only $2 a month rather than their $6-10 per month.
    Some complaints about the tech support. They are not directly from Amcrest so that can be quite difficult when communicating about their product.


-In all, the pros definitely outweigh the cons. The product is a solid security camera that can be used in all types of weather and day/night. It can zoom into trouble areas and safety record up to four hours of video. Whether you want to be a YouTube star, or just watch and protect your family, this is the camera for you.


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