The thieves never sleep while most break-in crimes tend to occur when your home is not under a protective layer. If you can’t be there all the time, let the best home security camera system to be your home-away eyes. Among thousands of options floating online, we’ve tested and brought on this list the best home monitoring system for family use. The picks not only help you to select the right model that meets your need but also save you time diving the market. We KNOW the demand to protect your family is the utmost priority.

I. What is the best home security camera system?

Home Security Camera System

Let’s learn a bit about a full set or security camera and its mechanism.

A standard surveillance system for home includes

The camera network provides a series of recorders installed around your private property. Typically, one system comes with 4 to 8 cameras. Those can include dome and bullet cameras. **FYI: Dome cameras can mount on the ceiling and grasp a broader view thanks to the adjustable focal. The bullet units may have slight cut-off corners due to its shape. There also includes a camera channel called NVR or DVR depends on the type of CCTV you want.

1) DVR (Digital Video Recorder)

A DVR works on the analog system making use of coaxial cabling and connectors. On the DVR, there are multiple BNC inputs represent the cameras that can connect. In other words, it’s a point-to-point connection using cables.

2) NVR (Network Video Recorder)

The system incorporates the latest technology which exposes to be more flexible than the DVR. NVR has a network work base allows everything in IP. That means you can relocate the device anywhere on the network. As long as the cameras are under cover of the system, they are able to reach the NVR and keep the recording business.

3) DVR/NVR cables

The DVR system pairs with coaxial cables while NVR functions wirelessly or via Ethernet cables.

4) AC/DC adapter

The device supplies power to the entire system.

5) TV/monitor

This is optional. Modern security cameras with cloud-based may not require a screen to display the footage. You may wonder if a large screen is right for your camera system, but it is not a practical choice. The Internet has allowed you to have an eye on your private place no matter how far you go. Smart phones and tablets is believed to replace the actually screen soon.

II. How does a home surveillance system work?

best home security camera system
A perfect home security camera network should consist of 4 to 8 cameras. The number may vary if the property is larger. This standard is suitable for both indoor and outdoor establishment.

These cameras are responsible for recording the occurrence in the supervised area where you point the devices at. Cables will transmit collected data to the DVR/NVR router to process. The signals then get transferred to images displayed on your screening devices. All of these videos are stored in an HDD integrated into the recording head or the cloud. The virtue memory allows you to access the footage from smart devices via the Internet. Both DVR and NVR let you review the clips from its source.

How much money for a best home security camera system?

Our experience tells us not to care about the price tag when we shop for a protection solution for our family. A cheap home security camera system brings many unexpected downsides and costs you cash to get it fixed. Spending for an effective system not only saves you money but also time. Well-functioning cameras give you the confidence to observe your house from a distance. However, you do want to skip the inappropriate features. **Tips: The best home surveillance systems that costs around $300 to $800 is sufficient for family demand. Anything beyond that price may exceed your need.

Home security camera system buying advice from real experience

A security camera system for home has the major duty of keeping an eye on your home and property. Most systems own the same basic functions, but some got rigged with special features. Here are some common characteristics you will pay for a home security watching system.

Field of view

You want to see through the camera in a wider or narrower angle? People usually desire for a larger field of view since one device can only guard a single area. The common distance can range from 90 to 140 degrees. Broader view is suitable to keep tabs in the backyard. Smaller angle specs can be all you need for the front porch.


It would be helpless to look at a blurry image. So, you may want the highest possible resolution cameras.

Home surveillance system
480p vs 1080p (full hd)

480p is still available in cheap surveillance cameras for home, but we don’t recommend having this standard on a home surveillance camera system. But video quality at 640×480 VGA can keep the battery staying longer. The lest you should pick is 720p for an HD resolution. Cameras with 1080p offer full HD quality for more details. But keep in mind the high-res devices will consume more bandwidth, thus, can potentially harm the transmitting speed. Nevertheless, technology has fixed the problem on some cameras by equipping auto-adjust quality relying on your internet connection.


Local storage is an old-fashion storing solution while cloud recording is acceding the market. If you rely on a separate storing accessory like a hard drive or SD card, you may end up a pile of physical disks that need to label. The cloud storage lets you access the footage from its remote server. But cloud drive only keeps the clips for some time before deleting them to make space. Although a cloud plan may come free with some model, the capacity is not endless. You will need a recurring subscription for continuous footage. Some cameras come with both storing options to compensate each other when needed.

Night vision

It is pointless not to see a break-in that happened after dark. Night vision allows you to scan the scenery in low-to-no light conditions. The feature technically makes use of infrared LED illumination that auto enables when night falls. What matters is the distance that home security cameras can capture activities. A wider aperture determines the amount of light a camera absorbs thus giving the ability to identify what is going on in dim situations. This built-in motion-activated light is a must on any surveillance camera gives you the power of 24/7 monitoring. It may, by chance, catch a priceless incident that you can bring to dispute.

Motion Detection

This basic feature, no doubt, adds value to your home surveillance systems as you’re not able to keep up with the live feed all day. The system will push notifications to your smart device when it detects events in the scanned area. You should care about the boundaries the cameras can reach. It can range from a few feet to 100.

Motion Detection of home surveillance system

Environmental stand

Natural vandalism is what a good set of cameras should withstand. Most bullet cameras have a better ability to resist tough weather like rain, snow and salty air than dome cameras. The endurance thus gets adjusted on the quality of the transmitted image. Depends on where you live, you can pick the surveillance system that fits the situation.


A majority of cameras have a black and white finish to promote its blend-in ability. But they come differently in size and shape that distinguish each model. Cameras with adjustable stands allow pivoting up to your preference. Some camera units have magnetic backing so that you can position it to the angle you want. You may see many cameras with a slim platform or long neck benefit in pointing in any direction. The ones that have no neck restrict in viewing angle but are more durable.

App support

Modern home security camera systems offer remote management via apps used on computer or phone. With the application, you can watch the live recording or stream a playback. High-end cameras are able to send you alert working accordingly with the Motion Detection.

Additional features

Not all camera can record, but it is a plus to have this add-on. You can hear what people talk in the video. The two-way audio feature is even more fantastic. It lets you talk to whoever standing in your front lawn. For example, you can tell the pizza guy to leave the food in front of the door while you’re busy with laundry. An exceptional feature like an alert siren will be helpful if you live near the wild. The loud sound can scare away animals dwelling in your front yard. The alarm can also frighten anyone who intends to intrude your property.

Wired or wireless surveillance system for home

DVR systems provide more recording consistency. Corded cameras guarantee the signals won’t go lag due to poor connection. More than that, a wired system is less likely to be hacked. A PoE (power over Ethernet) surveillance camera also has its advantages to offer including mobility. As long as the devices are within the coverage of Wi-Fi, they should do the job. But be acknowledged with the poor signal as it may result in lagging images. Also, you need to ensure the internet connection in your house, especially large houses. Read Best Wireless Surveillance System You don’t want 16 channels for a 2,000 square feet home. Consider the area of your house with the number of spots you want to install the eyes.

best home security camera system
Standard best security camera for home have 4 – 8 camera is
cover the house

Many recommendations suggest TWO bullets for the front door and back yard; TWO domes inside suffice a medium house and its surveillance need.


A considerable security system should also fit your bank account too. Fortunately, you don’t need to invest more than a thousand to have a proper guarding camera network. The rule of thumb is to stick with all the criteria while not cracking any of your financial plans. You may calculate the upfront cost for the devices and their companions. If you go for NVR and a monthly fee to unlock more storage, count the money to see whether you can afford or not.


With IP cameras or NVRs, you will have to give them independent IP addresses. Furthermore, you might need to open more ports in your firewall so that they can reach out. But more importantly, the NVRs work at the mercy of your Internet. If the power cuts off your networks, then bummer! You’re no longer recording. Hardwired DVRs assure good quality recording. But each camera equals to one roll of wire. It would be such a mess to loop cables all over the place. DVR also limits itself in scalability. Your best bet is to rely on the NVR/DVR hybrid. You can have IP cameras and analog cameras mesh into a single system. Obviously, a hybrid system opens up a lot of benefits. But mind your wallet and real demand.

Top 5 Best home security camera system 2019 on the market

We have conducted many tests as well as collecting feedback from consumers. The real-world experience and millions of references on the Internet have helped us conclude these 5 top surveillance systems available on the market you can buy today. Scroll on to the best part!

1) Zmodo Full HD 1080p Home Security Camera System w/Repeater, 4 x 1080p IP Outdoor Surveillance Camera, 2 x 1080p Audio Wide Angle WiFi EZCam Pro, 8CH HDMI NVR and 1TB Hard Drive – Cloud Storage Available

  • Crystal clear 1080p HD videos: Every object can be seen in more detail, and the clearest videos and playbacks remotely are now possible. Moreover, things in the dark can be seen clearly thanks to infrared LEDs which can shine more than 65 ft and be adjusted the sensitivity, turned on or off with ease.
  • Motion detection: You can watch or download what was happening in your house right from your smart devices. Moreover, you can customize the motion detection zone by focusing on only some important areas, which is very helpful in reducing your false detection.
  • Smart alerts: By default, the alerts are immediately sent to you when any sudden motion is spotted. However, you can adjust to receive push alerts according to your time schedule. This mean you will only get notified when you want without having to turn the alerts on and off manually.
  • Two-way audio: The speaker sounds loud and clear, and the microphone can block the noise to some extent for better conversation experience. Not only can you listen to what’s happing in your home, but you can also talk back, for example, reminding your children to do their homework or telling your doggies to get off the sofa.
  • Zmodo sPoE repeater included: Can be connected to 8 cameras, not to mention the option of adding more later. The repeater comes with cables that can be extended up to 147ft without causing bad effects on the video signal. The NVR also works well with wireless cameras, improving the flexibility of installation.
  • Intelligent recording with 1TB WD hard drive: It Is specially made to guarantee the decent quality of your video recording. It also helps to lower the loss of frame so that your videos can be played back in HD.
  • IP65 weatherproof rating: This means you can install the system outdoors without worrying about the rainwater that can damage your system.

Zmodo is meant to offering you an all-in-one solution to keep track of your house. You can integrate all of the IP devices in the Zmodo App to satisfy your own needs. With this App, it’s easier to have lightbulb cameras monitoring purposes. Beyond this, there are a lot more value-added functions that are waiting to be explored, such as the Intelligent Recording and Remote Live Viewing from multiple devices.

2) Reolink Home Security Camera System Wired RLK8-410B4, 8ch 4MP PoE NVR Kit 4 Bullet Super HD 1440P Waterproof Outdoor Indoor 2K PoE Surveillance System, w 2TB HDD

8CH HD 4MP IP Security Surveillance System for home RLK8-410B4 comes with one 8-channel 4MP POE NVR and four 4MP bullet cameras, with a built-in 2TB HDD. The 1440P HD quality video offers sharp resolutions. The security camera system won”t occupy and congest your home network, and it can transfer stable videos in its internet. It is further enhanced by DIY installation with zero configurations for not only the connectivity between cameras and NVR but also the external access to the system. The installation is as easy as any common analog security systems by Ethernet cables, and this system gives much higher resolution and image quality. The system can plug and play with any Reolink PoE Cameras, including RLC-410/410S/411/411S/420/422/423.

  • Super high-definition videos: Not just 720p or 1080p, the Reolink home monitoring system allows you to record 1440p live videos.
  • Long-range night vision: Clear images in all types of lighting conditions are possible thanks to night vision infrared LEDs allowing the range of up to 100ft.
  • Optimal safety: With 8 channels for recording and playbacks, you can secure your house and office, either indoors or outdoors, within 24 hours. Any motion will be detected and recorded automatically.
  • 2TB hard drive provided: With 2TB of external storage, you can record and save a large number of videos without worrying much about running out of space. After doing the recording, you can easily check out the footages, too.
  • Remote monitoring and access via smart devices: Your live view can be everywhere. You’ll get immediate alerts via phone when any motion gets spotted. You’re also notified of anything going on around your home via the motion-based email alerts.
  • Two connections available: One with network and another without network. You can transfer any solid video streaming on the Internet, or you can store it locally.
  • Easy installation: With the PoE (Power over Ethernet) technology, you only need one cable connecting each camera to the NVR for power supply and video signal transmission. This will save a lot of time and cost for you because of no more wires required.
  • IP65 weatherproof rating: This means you can install the system outdoors without worrying about the rainwater that can damage your system.

Simply taking short steps, you can use the Reolink home surveillance system and its app to access your camera and protect your home. The setup is incredibly easy, which asks you to run one single network cable. After that, you can live stream and watch live on your smartphones or laptops. On top of that, you will be informed whenever there’s anything going on and then playback once any key moment occurs.

3) Firstrend [Expandable] 8CH POE Surveillance System for Home with 6 x 1080P HD Security Camera, Plug and Play Home Security Camera System with Pre-installed 1TB Hard Drive, Free APP and Night Vision

  • Full HD with night vision: Clear and highly-detailed videos at 1080P, allowing you to see more and protect more. Also, night vision of up to 50ft helps images clear during the long night.
  • 1TB hard drive provided: 1TB HDD of external storage seems pretty good, but if it’s still not enough for your demand, then you can upgrade to 4TB which is the maximal support by the system.
  • Remote & 24/7 live monitoring: You’re free to download APP to remote view and playback from your smart devices.
  • IP66 waterproof: Make it easier to install anywhere you like, either indoors or outdoors, and wherever you want: home, street, etc.
  • Easy installation with PoE technology: Enables you to avail one single network cable for power supply and video signal transmission. All you have to do is connecting all cameras to the NVR by the cable and link the mouse to the NVR. Want to link to your PC or TV? Simply connect to NVR with an HDMI cable.

This Firstrend security camera system for home allows you to adjust the IR separately on each individual camera, making the usage more flexible and easier. Moreover, these cameras are not only well-made but also easy to install and function, especially they are super clear in both day and night modes. After all, the entire system works well just right out of the box without asking you to use any Wi-Fi slot on the router. This won’t cause you any trouble changing the settings.

4) Swann NVR surveillance system for home 8CH with 4 Cameras 3MP 2TB HDD, and 100′ Night Vision (SWNVK-873004)

  • HD video recording: With 3MB high-definition (50% more than 1080p) live viewing and playback at 30 fps per channel, recorded images will be incredibly crisp with the sharper definitive lines that can outline any object or feature.
  • 100ft night vision: IR LEDs in cooperation with IR cut filters allow the powerful night vision that can reach to 100ft.
  • 9x digital zoom: You’re capable of producing incredibly sharp videos with the sharpness of picture that is 9x more than traditional surveillance camera systems.
  • Built-in microphone: Gives you a chance to listen to what’s really happening inside and outside your home with crystal clear audio.
  • 2TB hard drive: Can last for up to 160 days on a 2TB hard drive, which can be extended to 6TB if you want.
  • IP66 Weather-resistance: While the aluminum cover helps the system run at 4°F – 122°F without any breakdown, the IP66 waterproof feature leaves you the peace of mind when it’s raining.
  • Motion-detection day and night: The system will automatically turn on when it senses any motion, and won’t miss a thing. Feel free to record up to 30 days of videos in the Cloud.

What’s great about the Swann NVR Security Surveillance System for home is that it has a much better resolution than others, which turns every image and scene into the sharpest and brightest. One more thing to know, there is a series of Swann surveillance systems available on the market, ranging from the state-of-the-art systems with the best zoom, pan, and functions to the good-value systems. So, you will have a lot of choices, especially the one that best suits your budget.

5) Q-See Home Surveillance System QC968-4DX-2, 8-Channel HD Analog DVR with 2TB Hard Drive, 4-4MP Security Cameras

  • 4K recording: At the revolution of 4MP recording (2x greater than 1080P), the system produces super clear, sharp images to extend every corner of your house.
  • H.264+ advanced video compression: 4K videos will result in much space for storage. But thanks to the H.264+ advanced video compression, you can reduce your videos’ capacity by more than 30%, leading to the decrease in bandwidth as well. So, you can save more and record more!
  • Weather-resistance: The system satisfies the IP67 standards. And more than that, it’s built with a solid housing and a multi-axis mount to guard it against other natural elements or vandalism.
  • Infrared night vision: It comes along with both indoor or outdoor cameras for more than 98ft of view in the full darkness, making evidence capture of theft and vandalism in low-light conditions much easier than ever before.
  • 2TB hard drive: With 2TB of external storage, you can record and save a large number of videos without worrying much about running out of space.
  • Three different choices of recording: These include motion recording, manual activation recording, and programmable recording.
  • Enhanced picture optimization: comes along with compression technology to make the footage the best looking than ever.
  • QC View Mobile App: It allows you to keep track of your house from your tablet, smartphone, or PC anytime you like (even when you’re on a bus or train).

Q-See 4MP Home Surveillance system observes and protects your home effectively and conveniently. Supporting 4 HD Cameras will allow your security purpose to extend when you grow. And those 4MP Bullet Cameras would know exactly how to get their surveillance job done. They monitor your property at night with the up to 98ft Night Vision features, making your whole life and business much easier. Keep an eye on your business or the house no matter when you’re on the train, bus, or plane.

Beyond the horizon

It takes time to think about getting a home surveillance system regarding many factors. We encourage you to think twice before making the decision. In order not to make a wrong purchase in the flux security industry, you should throw more than 3 models into the cart then compare one model with the next to pick the right fit. If you want to go ahead of time when the upcoming innovations show up, look at features like face detection, voice control or integration to link to other smart-home devices. Regardless of the trend, just stay with the safest option you can pick. Out of the best home security camera system above, we are sure there is one that fits you. You can read best surveillance systems to understand about types security systems



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