LaView 6 Camera Surveillance System for Home Reviews

LaView 6 1080P IP Camera Security System 8 CH 1080P IP PoE NVR w/2TB HDD & 4 IP Bullet, 2 IP Dome 2MP Camera Reviews


If you have been searching for the video security camera that will help you monitor your home both in the day and night you are in the right place. This article is about to review Laview 6 1080P camera security system that comes with heavy-duty metal bullet camera. It also comes equipped with a 2TB hard drive which will make it easy for you to enjoy peace of mind in your video recording. Apart from the night security video camera recording associated with this device, it is also designed to with features aid motion detection effect. More so, this security video camera offers real plug and play setup coupled with built-in PoE features making it the best in class. There are lots of features associated with this security camera system which you will learn through this review. Also, you will stand to learn more about the pros and cons which will make it easy for you compare it with another device before making a purchase.

The Pros

There are lots of pros associated with this video security system which you need to know before going ahead to make your purchase. Some of the pros associated with this camera security system you need to know include:

Offers Real Plug And Play Feature With Inbuilt Poe: One of the most exciting features associated with this IP camera security system is the Plug and Play feature. All you need to do is to connect your IP cameras to Cat5 cable and NVR and there will be automatic detection of the cameras ready to view. That means you will not need to pass through any form of stress when you want to connect the cameras to your system at any point in time.

Enables You Watch Your Cameras in Full HD 1080p Resolution: Do you want a camera security system that can see even at night? Then you ha e to make this wonderful tech improved camera security offered on this site with built-in Poe. You will stand a chance of viewing your security video in full HD 1080P using 30IR LEDs. This 30 IR LEDs light is capable of viewing up to 100 feet distance at night. In that regard, your camera will be able to record and capture virtually all the things that take place in front of your house while you are at sleep at night. You can view the intruders inside your house while they are still far away using this security camera.

Comes Together With Free Mobile App For Perfect View: Another exciting thing about this IP security camera is that it is offered together with the free mobile application. That means you will be able to watch and view the event taking place around your house and even in any of the rooms with the cameras using your Smartphone from anywhere in the world.

Features Dynamic Wild Range of View: Unlike other camera security systems that are limited in the range of their view, this particular one is designed to offer users dynamic wild range of view. That means you will be able to capture virtually all the things happening in all parts of the room where the camera is placed. More so, with the dynamic wild range of view associated with this camera security system, you will be able to capture everything happening at the exterior of your house at any point in time.

Comes With 3d DNR Helping To Remove Unclear Spec: With the help of the 3D DNR features associated with this security camera you will not need to bother about unclear spec as it will remove all of them. Your night vision will be as clear as the day vision offering your sharper monitoring as well as playback of the event that happened in and around your home at any pin tin time. You are able to find out what is making noise inside the garage at night without having to open garage door all with the help of this Laview 6 1080p IP camera surveillance system with inbuilt 8 CH 1080 IP PoE.

The Cons

It Is More Expensive Than Most Camera Security Systems: While there are lots of pros associated with this product it is important for you to know that there still some things buyers complained about. One of the things is the price which is about $449.99 currently in Amazon. Though this price is great when you consider the quality features associated with this camera security system yet it can be on the higher side when you compare it with other good video security systems in the market.

The Fan Noise Is The Biggest Complaint From Buyers: The noise coming out from the fan is another downside most people complained about which can say to be among the cons.

The Conclusion

LaViews 6 1080P IP Camera Security System built this camera security system with improved innovation and quality. Users will have lots of things to enjoy including peace of mind with the 2 TB HDD that comes with it coupled with the 4 IP bullet cameras. The camera is designed to capture event and object as far as 100 feet at night. That means you can see those coming to your house right on your Smartphone or computer even when they are still far away from your house. There are lots of verified Amazon purchases that have testified about the quality of this product. With the Plug and Play coupled with built-in Poe feature associated with this camera security system, you will not pass through any form of stress to set it up.

You will completely hate analog camera security system after enjoying the great and wonderful features associated with this product. Through the fee mobile app, you can view the streaming video on your PC, Mac and even your Smartphone anywhere you are in the world. These and more are the things that made this product from LaView, the best among others in the same surveillance systems. You can order your pack now to get it delivered to your doorstep within few working days.




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