Samsung SDH-C75080 Security System Review

We reviewed the Samsung SDH-C75080 security system to let you know if it’s right for you

Are you looking for a reliable yet affordable surveillance system? Are you interested in advanced technology that lets you look through your cameras from anywhere in the world? Do you want to protect your home and business?

If you answered “yes” to any of these then look no further, Samsung’s SDH-C75080 Security System is the perfect option for you.

This powerful 8 camera system promises to help you survey your property remotely through 16 different channels so you can keep track of everything that happens both in and outside your business or home.

But is this surveillance equipment as good as they say?

Keep reading to find out!


The very first thing you notice after unboxing the equipment is just how good the hardware is; Sturdy, reliable and made to last, everything about the equipment speaks of the quality one expects from a brand like Samsung.

The cameras are white, which means they can blend nicely with most walls and ceilings, making them as discrete as they come. The mounts are surprisingly solid, much more than other models we’ve reviewed, which is a huge selling point for those looking to install the cameras outside a building.

That’s another good thing about this surveillance system. Every piece of the cameras is weather resistant. That plus the quality of the video (which can go up to 1080p) makes them a wonderful purchase for the price. 

Even the cables used to connect the cameras are of great quality. While they’re not particularly heavy duty, they can withstand a lot and, as long as you’re careful during the installation, you won’t have any problem setting the entire system by yourself. 

You do want to plan carefully the installation, though, as this will allow you to drill the necessary holes well in advance, as well as to select the appropriate cable lengths before installation. This will help you minimize the wear and tear of the cables during installation which in turn will make them last longer. 

The best thing about the Samsung SDH-C75080 is just how easy it is to install. 

You’d assume that a system with 8 cameras would be complicated to handle but even people with no experience can install and have this system running in just a couple of hours.

Once you have everything set up you’ll be able to stream video from your surveillance cameras through your web browser or, better yet, through your phone as this system has both Android and iOS apps that make it possible.

To recapitulate:

Sturdy and well made: Strong weather resistant housings and solid mounts make these cameras a great choice for outdoor surveillance.

HD Video: Offers clear and clean images both during daytime and nighttime. The SDH-C75080’s night vision can extend as far as 82 ft and even farther during the day.

Easy to install: Though careful planning is recommended with this and any other surveillance equipment, installing this hardware is easy and straight to the point. 

Wi-Fi Compatible: You can use your web browser or phone to stream your video feed. The apps designed for this security system are compatible for both Android and iOS

So with all those good points in its favor, is there anything about this surveillance system that needs improvement?

You can say that.


A rather negative aspect of this surveillance equipment is the software and this is something you’ll find repeated over and over again

While this system offers you the ability to stream your video feed to your browser and phone, the quality of the stream leaves a lot to be desired.

Slow, glitchy, buggy. These are some of the words used to describe the Samsung’s SDH-C75080 software and all of those would be right. This isn’t to say the video quality is bad (it’s not) but rather than the video streaming needs a lot of improvement, both on the browser version and in the app. 

Another thing that needs to be mentioned is the fact that this video surveillance system is not wi-fi ready, regardless of what the box says. This requires installation and not the easy, click one or two buttons and you’re done, kind. 

If the words DDNS, IP and ISP don’t mean anything to you then you should consider finding someone who knows how to set up your router to make it work with this kind of equipment. 

In short, the two biggest flaws of the SDH-C75080 are:

Set up difficulties: The average user won’t be able to set up the system with their router without following detailed instructions. Consider getting outside help.

Lousy Streaming: While the video quality is fantastic, remote surveillance (using apps or browser) leaves a lot to bedesired. It’s hard to enjoy your HD video when the feed glitches often. 

After seeing both the bad and good of this video surveillance system, what’s the final verdict?


Whether this system is for you or not depends on the kind of thing you want to do with it but you should consider this when making your choice:

Setting up the internet connection isn’t as easy as advertised. However, once you’ve managed to properly set it up you’ll be good to go; Don’t let the difficulty of this step scare you away from this system’s high-quality hardware.

If remote surveillance is crucial then this might not be the right equipment for you unless you’re willing to use the mobile app almost exclusively, as it works much better than the browser version. 

If you’re looking for dependable outdoor hardware this is a wonderful option for the price and something you should definitely consider.

Have you carefully considered your needs? Are you interested in the specs and features offered by this product? Are you looking forward to setting up your own surveillance system?

If the answer is yes then don’t think about it more and click to buy 


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