Under $1000: Zmodo CCTV Security Camera Systems Review

We reviewed Zmodo CCTV Security Camera Systems. This product is ranking 5 top rated surveillance system under $1000 for small business


-When shopping for a surveillance system, it is easy to become overwhelmed by the countless options available to you. With so many threats to homes and businesses alike, the security system industry is booming with a product! What options should the surveillance system that you’re looking for have? Does your dream surveillance system have motion detection? Do you need the system you own to have a multi-camera view option? Is this purchase for your home or business? Does it need to be weatherproof equipment? Trying to research and review products to find this information can be exhausting and time-consuming, and oftentimes you won’t even find the information that you need. This review on the sec Zmodo CCTV Surveillance Camera will examine the exact pros, cons, and functions and features of the system, in order to make the reviewing and buying process easier.


-The Zmodo 16 Channel Simplified PoE NVR Security System is a highly advanced HD surveillance system using 16 cameras to maintain a constant visual on all things, people, and places you wish to protect. You can begin recording almost immediately, as set up is easy and can be done yourself. There is no need to schedule a professional installation. Simply connect the NVR to the monitor of your choice using a VGA or HDMI cable of your own, then connect each camera to the NVR using the provided cables. You will only need 1 cable per camera, and you will have the option of an 80ft or a 15ft cable (included in your systems kit). A single network cable directly connects each IP camera to the NVR supplying both power and a video signal, using Ethernet to supply a network connection.

-Once installed, the recording will automatically begin. With a 2TB hard drive, the Zmodo NVR system will record and store up to 150 days worth of surveillance, eliminating the need for frequent cleaning of storage and ensuring that every moment is captured. With resolution 3 times higher than that of your standard analog camera system, and high definition picture shot in 720P, you can expect quality image display each time you view your security channels, no matter how many screens you are viewing at once.

-On the main monitor you connect to your NVR, you will have the option to view 1, 4, 8, or 16 of your camera channels at one time, giving you the ability to keep your eye on multiple spaces at once. Continuously access your system with the option to view footage on your smartphone. In order to view your surveillance footage from your mobile device/smartphone, all you need to do is install the Zviewer app (compatible with Android and IOS devices) and scan the QR code on a product. This will allow you to view one camera at a time VIA your smartphone and to maintain peace of mind by checking in whenever you want. You can also use the Zmodo web browser by creating an account and connecting your security setup to your account. Simply log in to your account for viewing from multiple computers or laptops.

-The night vision feature with this device has a radius of up to 65 feet. Meaning intruders or extreme situations will never be out of sight. There is also a color motion detection feature you can choose whether or not to use with each camera. You can define the area radius in which you want the motion to be detected. You will be automatically alerted via a mobile device, to any activity within the radius you set for each camera. In addition to the night vision feature, each camera is equipped with an 8MM lens giving it an 81-degree viewing angle.

-Each camera also has the ability to be used indoors and/or outdoors with complete weatherproofing technology. The cameras themselves are encased with weatherproof aluminum medal rated IP 65, ensuring their stability in wet or rainy weather conditions.


-Though this system is mainly loaded with “Pros”, there are also a few “Cons” you might want to consider and keep in mind, when deciding if it’s the right surveillance option for you. Although the system is compatible with most smartphones; it requires that you are using the operating system iOS 6.0 (or newer) or Android 2.3 (or newer). Making the remote viewing feature obsolete on phones that cannot or have not been updated. It also requires that you use internet explorer for logging in to your system from the web, meaning that login using Mac computers will not be an option.

-The cameras also do no relay audio. However, keep in mind that most systems do not have this option, to begin with, and most people are not interested in audio relaying capabilities.

-One last thing to keep in mind is the time installation will require. Though it is easy, and can be done yourself, remember that there are 16 cameras to install, making it a lengthier project than a 2 or 4 camera set up.


-Overall, this is one of the best systems on the security surveillance market today. If you are searching for a high-quality security system, the Zmodo 16 Camera NVR Surveillance System comes highly recommended by business owners and homeowners alike. It is a top consumer rated product and the Zmodo brand is continuously a top seller in their field. Consistently ranking in the top sellers list on Amazon.com, and competitively priced at an average of $850, this system is not only a great buy but a great investment. Repairs to your system, are covered under warranty for the first 3 years. If ever they arise after that, they tend to be affordable and easy fixes (replacing a lens, etc). Because of the popularity of the Zmodo brand, replacement parts are very accessible and easy to find. There has never been a larger need to protect our families and business and when selecting the security surveillance system for your home or business, go with a company that produces consistently high-quality products and takes protecting others seriously. The Zmodo 16 Camera NVR Security Surveillance system can be purchased at Amazon.com:


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