How to Secure Your IP Security Cameras?

– Even though the world has become a global village thanks to rapid communication resources, but at the same time life of people has become very busy. In most of the homes, normally all the family members leave their houses in the morning and ultimately, this busy schedule of people creates the severe security issues in form of the safety of their homes and even their pets. The invention of IP security camera was undoubted, a great blessing for all those people who were suffering from such busy schedule of life and were remain worried about the safety of their belongings. Now, people always stay aware of their properties and other belongings through these IP security cameras. Due to online working operations of these IP security cameras, there is no requirement of staying affixed with office seats and look into the desktop screens of your computers to look after your homes. The only need to access these IP security cameras is having internet access and it doesn’t matter that you are in your office or not. Just log in your IP security camera through your mobile and watch your home and pets whenever you want. Today, a variety of IP security cameras is available in the market. Some cameras are equipped with special features that are necessary for home security such as FLIR while others are famous for pet security and so on.

Secure Your IP Security Cameras

– Despite lots of advantages of the internet, there are some drawbacks as well. Some hackers don’t have moral ethics and they access the personal accounts of different people and take advantage of it in a very wrong way. In case of IP security cameras, now people are also facing such hacking problems. Hackers access the password of different IP security cameras and easily check the situation of different homes and after doing this, they disturb the access option of the camera for the owner. Meanwhile, when the owner makes the complaint about the malfunctioning of IP security camera to the concerned company, hackers do the crime that in most of the cases results out in the form of robbery


Following are some tips to guide you about the security of your IP security cameras from prying eyes:

Firmware Update: It is the very important thing to consider when you tend to buy a new security camera for your house. Make sure you get information about the firmware. It should be upgradable. In modern cameras, advanced features are available for the users. They can upgrade the firmware easily from the website of the company, without any assistance. However, if you feel any problem, you can contact the manufacturer and he can upgrade the system for you. Additionally, keep checking the website of the manufacturer for the available updates. They update the firmware when a new threat is posed for the security cameras, keeping your firmware updated will help you to secure your cameras.

Avoid Internet: For the sake of security of cameras, try not to connect them to the internet. You can keep them on the local network and use the non-routable IP address for them. It will play a crucial role in their security. You can get the information about this from the website of the manufacturer. You will get complete guidance that how you can keep your security camera on the local network. It is not very complicated, only a few steps will be involved and you will end up in securing your cameras.

Password Protection: Generally, security camera doesn’t have password protection, once connected video is turned on, on its own. It’s the function incorporated by default. Users give no attention to this and keep using them the way they are, without proper protection. The proper way of using these cameras is to give them password protection, once the system is completely set up. It will not show the video unless the password is provided. It will help unnecessary access to your security cameras. Some cameras offer strong password security but others have just the basic one, no matter what kind of security it offers, important thing is that everyone should not have direct access to your cameras. Keep a password and then keep changing it time to time.

Secure Your IP Security Cameras?

Change Admin Account: Accounts created by the manufacturer is very general and usually the password is same for every camera they manufacture. The passwords and usernames are available on the website, usually. If this is the case with your camera, change the account and admin password too. If you will not do this, the default password and admin name will be easily accessible for the hackers, and they can control your camera within no time.

WPA 2 Encryption for Wireless Camera: Some people prefer to have the wireless security camera, as they are easy to install and wires don’t create a mess. However, you have to be extra careful with wireless cameras. Make sure you have joined WPA2 encryption, it will stop the hackers to connect to your camera and your video feeds will be secure.

Keep Your House Private: The cameras are for the security of your house. They should show the outside of your house and the entrance doors. Make sure that the living place of your house is not visible through the security cameras.

These are just a few tips and ways, which can help you to secure your IP security cameras. You can keep an eye on them and keep your cameras updated and secure. However, if you feel something is wrong and you are not completely sure about the safety of your camera, you can turn them off at once. Get them check by some expert and make sure that no one has illegal access to the video feed of cameras. Some people don’t pay attention to minute changes in the system and their security system get hacked without their notice. To avoid these problems, its better to buy good quality security cameras, which offer strong firmware and which are protected by passwords. Make sure you change the admin account and customize it and keep changing the password, periodically.

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