Night Vision Surveillance Cameras System ( White+Black / Color )

Whether you are hoping to give security and assurance in your home or at the workplace, whether it is outdoors or in a dull spot inside, night vision surveillance cameras system will give you a completely clear vision into the dimness. Indeed, even in complete obscurity, night vision security cameras deliver a clear view of the area where you need surveillance. It is a definitive in supervising those ranges where you are worried that you might be helpless.

Where can the cameras are pointed?

You can observe any outside territory, particularly those spots where there are passageways or important things. We typically consider outside surveillance went for entryways, decks, parking areas, carports and lawns. Be that as it may, you can likewise put a camera in an upper room, a carport, a nursery or a storm cellar. Put a camera anyplace that you are worried about.
You can buy night vision surveillance system as a complete bundle or as individual segments. A bundle works numerous cameras and come in sizes from four to sixteen cameras. A complete bundle incorporates the cameras, the advanced video recorder (DVR) and the majority of the links important to make your system operational.

Night Vision IR LED Cameras - Actual Shots

How can it work?

Night vision security surveillance cameras can work in color amid daytime hours. At night, be that as it may, they work as a black and white television signal. The camera emanates an infrared flag that “lights up” the secured zone, gets reflected back to the camera and is grabbed as a black and white picture. The sign is transmitted to the DVR where it is recorded.
The DVR forms the video pictures which you can look as they happen or watch later from the video record. A television, screen or PC can be straightforwardly associated with the DVR or the sign can be nourished to a more intricate checking station.
This innovation has been around for a long time. In the most recent quite a long while the costs for night vision security system have truly descended and have now achieved the level where an individual family or a little business can without much of a stretch stand to introduce one of these systems. Furthermore, subsequently, we are beginning to see increasingly of these bundles around the nation.

Information about the night vision surveillance cameras components

Selecting the right system for you relies on upon the areas you need to watch. You have to figure out what and what number of zones you wish to watch. That will decide what number of cameras you should introduce.
Next, you have to quantify how extensive the surveillance area is and how far into the zone you have to see. Diverse night vision surveillance cameras can see further into the murkiness. A few cameras are for short separations, even as close as 10 feet. Different cameras will see up to 100 feet into the murkiness. A normal distance for a home installation is around 25 feet into the dull.

EZVIZ security surveillance system with 100ft Night Vision

Color Night Vision Surveillance Cameras

Lorex surveillance system has always delivered cutting-edge night vision technology to its customers. The importance of having a security camera that can keep a watchful eye on your property during the night can’t be overstated, and we’ve just added a whole new dimension to night time security monitoring with Color Night Vision.

Color night vision could end up being the difference you need. The darkness of night provides extra cover for intrusions and theft. If an incident should ever occur, CNV may provide you and the authorities with critical information such as the color of clothes or the color of a car.

Lorex 1080p HD security system with 20 IP cameras and motorized varifocal lenses with color night vision 125ft

Video clip: White/black night vision camera vs Color night vision camera


  • 65ft – 100ft surveillance for night vision is good for home
  • 120ft – 130ft surveillance for night vision is excellent for business
  • Color night vision surveillance or more than 130ft white/black surveillance is high-costs. But it is ensure not skip any loss from your property

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