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A Brief History of the Logitech Company

This Swiss capital venture has been around for about 30 years. Driven by its innovative spirit and quality addicted policies, Logitech has managed to stay on top of worldwide markets for many years. Starting off in 1981 in the town of Apples, Vaud, Switzerland, this small company became well known for manufacturing computer mouse. Focusing their entire activity on producing such devices, they managed to bring new technology to the computer mouse and improve on Doulgas Engelbart’s original design. Maintaining a permanent evolution inclined work ethic, Logitech patented technologies like Freespace motion control, collaborated with Google in launching an internet-based TV channel called Google TV and started developing some of the best security systems out there.

The Logitech Product Line

Being set on becoming the best in everything they do, this Swiss company provides some of the most complete and well-built security systems available on the market. With a strong IT-based background and years of experience in being in the top selling companies of the world, Logitech covers a large area of electronic structured products that include:

  • Computer mouse and Keyboards
  • Gaming accessories
  • Laptop and Tablet accessories
  • Webcams and Headsets
  • Audio devices
  • Security systems

The Logitech Security Systems branch is relatively new but represents a strong and viable option for even the most demanding of clients.

Some Strengths and Weaknesses of Logitech Security Systems

Being an IT oriented company, Logitech excels when it comes to providing top of the line technology. By doing so, clients are able to enjoy easy installing, perfect quality recording devices that will keep you safe both indoors and outdoors. Using wireless connections, their systems will need no extra effort when being put together. Some signal problems can be mentioned but this varies from structure to structure depending on the thickness of the walls and the built-in material. This can easily be resolved by moving your connected laptop to a better location. This aspect is hardly an inconvenience. A big plus for these modern systems is the fact that you can easily connect them to your tablet or smartphone, permanently providing vital information. A small setback that some indoor video surveillance systems have is that image clarity is very poor during night time. With limited lighting, the camera will not be able to record images worthy of its other features. Another issue with the Logitech Security Systems is that they cost quite a lot. If you are planning on setting an indoor/outdoor complete protection circle, chances are you will end up paying consistent amounts of money.

What Customers Have To Say about Logitech Security Systems

A large number of customers were impressed by one Logitech’s product in particular, and that is the impressive Logitech Alert 750i Indoor Master Security System Plus Add-on Camera. Features like HD quality video, wide-angles enabled by the 130 degrees lens, night vision, easy setup and user-friendly options, place this gadget among the most popular security products on the market.

The vast majority of online and offline reviewers have tried more than one Logitech Security System solution. This is because the built-in quality and reliability provided by this Swiss company recommend it as one of the best on the market. Customers are very happy with the up to date and real time upgrading technology and offer an almost unanimous positive feedback.


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