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Swann is focused on providing options for every budget. The company offers high-tech IP cameras with advanced functionality, as well as the more traditional analog cameras that have lower resolutions.

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Swann Security System Review: A Brief History of the Company

Swann has managed to become one of the bar setters when it comes to the security systems industry. Starting off in 1987 in Australia and founded by one man, named David Swann, this company grew each year, becoming one of the top international distributors when it comes monitoring solutions, IT peripherals, and various gadgets. With a 25 year history behind them, people at Swann are now functioning in offices all across the world. With a solid work ethic and a smart marketing plan, this Australian venture is a customer favorite. It takes great pride in describing their products as easy to assemble or “plug-n-play” items that are effortless to put together and start. The constant upgrading and innovative spirit have always surrounded this company, making it one of the best in the world.

The Swann Product Line

Swann provides top of the line technology and advanced security solutions without complicating things. Probably the best thing about all their products is that they are incredibly easy to assemble and use. With a strong background in electronics, conquering many related fields did not represent a problem. Their product line includes:

  • 4 to 16 Channel DVRs and Monitoring Kits
  • The Pro Series – a great set of all-purpose video recording devices
  • The Advanced Series – a camera set suited for doing it yourself kind of individuals
  • Advanced Digital Wireless Security Systems
  • Door phones and Monitors
  • The Home Series – a basic easy to install solution for households
  • The Mini Video Series – an option for active lifestyles
  • RC Helicopter Toys
  • IT Peripherals
  • The Alpha Series available only in the US and Canada

Swann Security System Reviews

The first thing that pops into most people’s heads when thinking Swann products is Swann Surveillance Systems. This is what this company is known for and this is what they do best.

What Makes Swann Security Systems So Good

Offering the newest and most reliable technology available on the market in the simplest of devices is probably Swann’s greatest achievement. By doing so, they are able to cut extra cost and provide you with a product that is great value for money. All things related to a Swann Security System are made easy. Setting up and installing it is effortless. Following the cameras at all time is possible if you are the owner of a smartphone. The system’s database is easy to backup and regardless the indoor or outdoor profile, mounting all the necessary pieces is a job suited even for beginners.

What Customers Have To Say about Swann Security System

Customers all over the world are satisfied with Swann Security Surveillance System solutions because they offer quality products and services for a reasonable price. Some users stated that once they’ve tried these security solutions, they have never thought of searching for alternatives. The rich features and up to date technology included in every product description is 100% accurate delivering the exactly promised outcome. There are some customer service complaints but that varies from country to country.

If we are to refer to one of the top notch systems developed by Swann Security Surveillance System, the Swann SWNVK-873008 NVR8-7300 8 Channel Network Video Recorder & 8 x NHD-815 3MP Cameras (White) comes equipped with 8 x 3MP Cameras made it to the top of the list. Users were practically impressed with the amazing features such as 24/7 internet ready protection for their business and home, 8 all-weather high-resolution cameras as well as set and forget system that is able to record continuously for more than 120 days and store the recordings on a 2TB hard drive.

  • Swann’s network video recording security system with beyond 1080p high definition live viewing & playback in real-time (30 fps per channel)
  • State-of-the-art digital imaging technology for 9 x the picture sharpness of traditional security systems including analog D1
  • 8 x security cameras generating super high definition 3 megapixels (50% more than 1080p) video with IR cut filters for powerful night vision to 100ft / 30m & a weather-resistant rating of IP66 for indoor & outdoor use. Each camera has a built-in microphone
  • Set & forget by recording continuously from 8 channels for 24 days+ onto a 2TB hard drive (expandable to 6TB
  • ) or even longer with motion detection~
  • Security in the palm of your hand with live viewing on your Smartphone or tablet including iOS (iPhone, iPad) & Android devices using the free ‘Swann View Link’ app

You can choose Swann SWNVK-873004 NVR8-7300 8 Channel Network Video Recorder & 4 x NHD-815 3MP Cameras (White) for home with 4 security cameras.


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